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SEAMLESS at the 5th International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit

  • 28/06/2024

The 5th International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit will shed new light on autonomy in shipping, and address what is really meant by MASS (Maritime Autonomous Ships and Shipping).

Held for the first time in Germany, the event is co-organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, and will be particularly relevant for maritime and inland shipping stakeholders.

In this year event, the SEAMLESS project will be featured in the presentation “Building the Future Business Case for MASS Logistics: The SEAMLESS Approach“.

Professor Ventikos, the Project Coordinator from NTUA, and Jorge Lara Lopez, Senior Project Manager at Fundación Valenciaport, will present the SEAMLESS project’s goals, concept, and ambitions, as well as the development of disruptive business models that aim to harness the capabilities of autonomous maritime technologies and concretely contribute towards seamless freight transport logistics.

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